You can’t die in dreams? Sure you can!

We’ve all heard it, ‘you can’t die in your dreams! Your brain can’t cope, and it will wake you up just before you die’. Or the ‘if you die in your dream, you die in real life’.

Well, I’ve definitely died in my dreams, more than once, I didn’t wake up and the dream just continued along its storyline.

I’m a pretty big fan of all things zombies and I love playing zombie video games. This dream occurred when I was going through my zombie fanatic video game playing period.

As with all dreams, there was no true start. It was a sunny day and I was surrounded by green scenery which, despite the zombies, was a very pleasant and calm environment. I hadn’t seen any zombies at this point, but dream me innately knew I was a badass—-real me would have probably been eaten right at the start of the zombie outbreak.

Anyway, I was escaping a horde of zombies and I ran over a small, arched, wooden bridge.  On the other side of this bridge was a cute wooden cottage, it  had a big tree and a tyre swing. The next thing I knew, a man with a shotgun appeared and obliterated me! *Bang*, dream me = dead.

I did not wake up. Instead, dream me re-spawned about a 5 minute run from the cottage. I was pretty ticked off that this man shot me, and I just knew he mistook me for a zombie. As I was running towards the cottage to get revenge, my mind was ranting about what an idiot he was and how does one mistake a living human, for a zombie. Especially since these zombies in this dream were slow, and I was running!

When I got to the cottage, he was gone…

The rest of the dream was pretty fragmented and I don’t remember much. The fragmented dream memories include fighting zombies *like a badass*, barricading myself and faceless strangers using shopping trolleys and generally just escaping when the above two failed.

So yes you can die in dreams without waking up, or dying in real life. Unless…I did in fact die in that dream and this is now the afterlife…


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