How did we meet?

My other half and I are getting married in 3 weeks. *I know, not long to go now!* The past few months have been filled with supplier meetings, forms and lots and lots of money. One of these forms included one from our videographer. One of the sections asked us to share a little about us….

I was an airplane medical emergency

It was my boyfriend and I’s first holiday together abroad. It was the first time I visited Japan. It was the trip we would get it engaged. It was also the trip I became an airplane medical emergency. We were going to Tokyo, Japan, I place I had dreamed of going for a long time….

My worst nightmare: the murderous dolls.

The other day I was wandering around myself and I suddenly remembered a petrifying dream I had as a six-ish year old. At least, it was petrifying to the six year old version of me. Me now? I’m tough as nails…no dream can phase me! *Lies* Here is how the nightmare unfolded… The dream started…

Who am I?

This is my first post! It’s not as deep as the title makes it sound, I promise. “So, tell  me who you are, tell me who [insert name] is?” I’ve always hated this question, because the answer is always…uhhhh I dunno… This question seems to throw me into a mini existential crisis where I ponder…